PlayStation no longer has integration with X, the social network formerly known as Twitter

PlayStation no longer has integration with X, the social network formerly known as Twitter

It seems that many people are not liking Elon Musk’s management of X, the social network formerly known as Twitter . Today, it was announced that PlayStation will no longer support it.

What happened to the integration of X on PlayStation?

Users on social networks are publishing an official PlayStation statement that is appearing on the trays of the PS5 and PS4. In it, it is announced that the consoles will no longer have integration with X as of November 13. This means that users will no longer be able to publish or view content, trophies, gameplay videos or other video game activities on X. Obviously, the link accounts button will also be removed.

Many people use the Twitter share feature to upload screenshots or gameplay videos to social networks. Once the possibility of linking Facebook was lost, Twitter (now X) was the last option. And although people can now access that content from the app, many people still don’t know that this is an option.

Why is PlayStation removing integration with X?

Although Sony did not specifically explain why it will remove the integration with Twitter, it is very possible that it has to do with the cost of the API. As you may remember, a long time ago Elon Musk decided that X would charge for access to its API, which gives the services the information necessary to access account information, login and other issues.

Well, the cost to access APIs can be thousands of dollars per month for larger companies. So it’s entirely possible that Sony simply decided it wasn’t worth paying large sums of money per month just so players could post screenshots.

In fact, Sony is not the first company to decide to cut integration with X due to the high costs of API access. This same year, Microsoft also removed that option from its Xbox consoles.

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