The unknown section of Amazon where you should look before buying anything

The unknown section of Amazon where you should look before buying anything

The unknown section of Amazon where you should look before buying anything

You’re going to read this article and say to yourself “why didn’t I realize this before?” Don’t worry, you’re here. This ‘find’ is for all the shoppers who love to find the best discounts on products with the greatest reputation on the internet.

Do you know what Amazon renewed is?

It is a section where you can find products that have been purchased, but were returned to Amazon because for some reason or another they did not satisfy the buyer.

These products are examined to determine if they are in good condition according to the judgment of experts. In some cases, you need to make some adjustments to improve your condition. After this process, it can be remarketed but not as a “new” product but under the renewed category

You can find everything from headphones, vacuum cleaners or phones that look and work as if they were new, but with much lower prices and incredible discounts.

Do refurbished products have a warranty?

Yes, just like when you buy a new product you have a period of 90 days to make an exchange or request a refund during those three months.

In this section of Amazon you can read the warranty for renewed products in more detail.

To keep in mind

  • Amazon gives other sellers the opportunity to be part of this ‘ renewed ‘ market, however, to achieve this they go through a selection and training process, which gives credibility to the quality standards of this section. So, even if the sale of a ‘ renewed ‘ product is made through another seller and not Amazon directly, you will be able to have the same benefits and guarantees in both cases.
  • If the product you have chosen has been repaired for something specific, Amazon makes the clarification in the product description. However, this scenario is not very common.
  • This section is constantly updated, generally high demand products tend to sell very quickly. So it is best to make a decision early, before someone else buys the same product you are considering.

Our final recommendation

If you liked the above: cheaper products with the same characteristics of a new product; So, from now on, when you want to make a technology purchase, check to see if that same device is for sale in the refurbished section of Amazon .

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