Google Assistant that solves your life has an early offer for Black Friday

Google Assistant that solves your life has an early offer for Black Friday

Google Assistant that solves your life has an early offer for Black Friday

If you want to turn your house into a smart home or centralize control of your equipment, there is no better option than the Google Nest Hub , as long as you use Google for everything else, obviously. Alexa devotees don’t need it, but those looking for an alternative to the Echo on sale should pay attention because the Nest Hub (2nd generation) is marked down to $60 (from $100 originally), in an early Black Friday sale. 

Google Nest Hub 2nd generation

The Google Nest Hub is a very interesting device that incorporates the Google Assistant. If you have any questions, no matter how strange or crazy it may seem, just ask and Google will answer you. In addition, it allows you to play music with your favorite applications (yes, it is compatible with Spotify) and use it to watch YouTube videos. It’s also a great sleeping companion!

If you want, the Google Nest Hub can use radio waves to track your sleep through its Sleep Sensor feature. You don’t have to use a watch or anything: point it towards the bed within a radius of 1.8 meters and it will start working when you lie down, nothing else is needed. You can also set it to gently wake you up with its Sunrise Effect alarm; that is, a light that imitates the soft glow of sunrise for about 10 minutes.

Of course, it also works as a control center for your smart home. You can monitor and control all your Google Home devices from one place. And if you’re concerned about your privacy, it has a physical switch that allows you to turn off the microphone so you can be sure that it only listens to you when you want.

Why is it a good investment?

The Nest Hub doesn’t have as many discounts as other home automation centers. In fact, until early October it remained almost at full price. This discount may not be the lowest in its history, but it makes it a fairly affordable option.

What do buyers say?

“Easy installation and integration with the arsenal of equipment I have in my smart home. I particularly appreciate that the device is next to the bed so I can control and monitor my home. I also like its alarm clock, the ability to play content, the sleep analysis function and the integration with Google Assistant and Google Fit. Plus, I don’t have to fumble for my phone at night anymore!” one person praised.

Another fan wrote: “I’m on board early, so I love everything about Google products. This screen syncs perfectly with my system ! It works fantastic, responds well to questions and the commands are fast, responsive and accurate. It is stylish and has all the features you could need. The screen has great definition. I love it!”.

“This system is really effective ! The Google Nest and all the cameras work perfectly. If you could show all the cameras at once, it would be even more impressive,” said one last customer.

Available in four colors (although two are currently sold out), this little home automation control center can do just about anything, including tracking the quality of your sleep.

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