Free Google courses on Artificial Intelligence

Free Google courses on Artificial Intelligence

Google is one of the largest companies in the world and today they are not only a search engine , but they have different tools and also educational proposals such as free courses that are all the rage in the world.

The Google company has very diverse courses but all oriented towards what is coming in the future. These aim to ensure that young people or those who are beginners in IT – even if they are not young – can have more knowledge about new technologies.

In addition to launching educational programs to learn programming or marketing, they added very interesting proposals on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Free AI courses from Google

With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Google could not be left behind and it is for this reason that it launched a course expressly dedicated to this new area where everything remains to be done.

This last year we saw a lot of its growth and they know that in the future it will be an indispensable tool in most jobs in the world.

Google has a platform with free courses on Artificial Intelligence

This Google Artificial Intelligence course can be found on the platform called Google Cloud Skills Boost and there you can find different varieties, they last from 1 to 5 days and are divided into:

  • Introduction to Generative AI,
  • Introduction to Linguistic Models,
  • Introduction to Responsible AI,
  • Fundamentals of Generative AI,
  • Introduction to Image Generation,
  • Encoder-decoder architecture
  • Introduction to Generative AI Studio.

This would be a first snapshot of Artificial Intelligence and seeks, in principle, to provide context about its uses and also about the risks or rather the importance of being responsible when using this digital communication tool.

Free Google AI to learn English

Google also announced a tool to learn English on cell phones with its Android operating system, which will allow you to practice and improve your English speaking skills through short sessions of between three and five minutes. The system will offer feedback through personalized comments in real time.
The first language of this Google feature is English.

The tool is activated when we use the search engine to make translations into English. The sessions are interactive and consist of real-life questions for the user to practice the words. Google will analyze your pronunciation and offer other examples with phrases where you could use them.

To implement personalized comments , Google formed an alliance with teachers and specialists in English language teaching. The tool uses authentic context and uses repetition to increase retention. Users will know if their answer is correct, or if it is understandable to an interlocutor.

If you don’t know a word or phrase, you can translate it individually . To avoid the inconvenience of translating out of context, Google will consider the relationship between the words and the sentence. With this, users will understand that some words will have different meanings depending on the place or words they precede.

In practice activities, Google relies on its artificial intelligence to create content. The tool uses its modelslanguageto adjust the complexity of the session and adapt to the user’s level.

The technology giant recruited linguists to produce a teaching experience that combines the advances of this technology with real learning techniques. English practice will be available for users in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, India and Indonesia .

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