Gmail integrates with artificial intelligence: how to activate the new tool

Gmail integrates with artificial intelligence: how to activate the new tool

Gmail integrates with artificial intelligence: how to activate the new tool

Google takes another step in the evolution of artificial intelligence by updating its Bard model and merging it with its popular email service , Gmail . This novelty brings with it important improvements in user interaction and productivity, establishing a new standard in the field of AI applied to digital communication.

Google Bard stands out for two key features that differentiate it from traditional AI chatbots. First of all, its real-time interaction capacity revolutionizes the way users communicate with this artificial intelligence. Unlike conventional systems, Bard generates responses line by line, meaning there is no noticeable delay between a user’s query and the AI’s response. This creates a fluid conversation dynamic rather than a sequence of scripts and predefined responses, improving the user experience.

Bard’s second standout feature is its ability to summarize emails efficiently. Users can give specific commands to Bard, such as “@Gmail, you need to summarize my emails,” through the workspace extension.

In response, Bard generates concise, single-sentence summaries for multiple emails, saving users the time they normally spend wading through lengthy email threads. This approach not only streamlines communication, but also has a significant impact on user productivity.

Google merges its Bard artificial intelligence into Gmail

Bard: greater integration into the Google ecosystem

The future of Bard is projected towards greater integration into the Google ecosystem. The company has plans to incorporate Bard’s capabilities into Google Assistant, a move that promises to further democratize advanced AI features. Google Assistant allows users to control smart devices and perform everyday tasks using voice or text commands. With the Bard integration, the Assistant will be able to offer more relevant and personalized suggestions, based on the context and preferences of each user.

In addition to improved personalization, Google Assistant will also be able to generate creative and informative content, such as poems, stories or essays. This marks a qualitative leap in the usefulness of this AI, since it will not be limited only to practical tasks, but will expand its ability to provide entertainment and creativity to users.

The merger of Bard with Gmail and its subsequent integration into Google Assistant represents a significant advance in the field of artificial intelligence. Real-time interaction capabilities and efficient email management provide users with a smoother, more productive experience in their digital communication. Being able to access these improvements in Google Assistant will further expand the reach of AI, making it accessible to a broader audience.

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