What karma has prepared for you in 2024, according to your Zodiac sign

What karma has prepared for you in 2024, according to your Zodiac sign

Karma is the cosmic law that establishes the concepts of cause and effect. This will be the learning path that each zodiac sign will take in 2024.

Cause and effect are two concepts on which karma is based , a cosmic law that maintains that a person’s actions in a past time (carried out in this life or in previous ones), have an impact and determine experiences in the present. and future.

According to astrology , karma is related to the lunar nodes : mathematical points where the orbit of the Moon and the Sun meet around the Earth. These are called the North Node and the South Node .

How will karma arrive in 2024 for each of the zodiac signs?

The North Node is associated with the direction of evolution of souls, that is, it is a point of development and expansion. According to karma, this point is interpreted as the important lessons and challenges that help you grow .

For its part, the South Node represents the experiences that are brought from other lives , that have been acquired and mastered, and that need to be overcome to evolve.

Currently, the lunar nodes are located on the Aries-Libra axis and have karmic repercussions for each sign of the zodiac . This is a brief overview of what is coming for each astrological house.


For the first sign of the zodiac, karma will come in the form of self-reflection for 2024. Aries must learn to balance the “I” and the “we” , and understand that impulses do not lead to anything good. Aries must learn to analyze things more before acting.


When going through a period with the North Node in Aries , karma drives Taurus people to face their greatest fears and connect with their spirituality . Not everything should be work for Taurus, you must also learn to channel his creative and transformative energy.


Gemini’s karmic journey will be characterized by their obligation to be part of collective projects and respect all the ideas of others. Geminis are moody and tend to be individualistic. 2024 will face many group situations .


Karma for Cancer will be felt when he has to accept that he can also be a leader . Cancerians always try to get out of decision-making places. 2024 confronts you with crucial situations, where you will stand out in any profession or job.


The North Node located in Aries also directly influences Leo , since its natives must leave the comfort zone and break the mental barriers that conditioned them to not achieve their goals in 2023. Karma will hit this sign directly in 2024.


The very shy and reserved Virgo will have no other options than to open up to the world and socialize in 2024, which will soon begin. Karma will fall with all its weight to teach these natives that not everything is work, order and control . Sometimes you have to let things flow.


The karmic path for Libra will be more lonely in 2024 , far from parties, meetings and wide social circles. Librans must be more true to themselves and put aside their masks. Those that they carried for a long time so as not to appear vulnerable and sensitive.


Karma for Scorpio comes through the action of the South Node in Libra . Scorpios will fall into a tendency to sacrifice their personal desires for those of other people . They must constantly fight with the need to be authentic and not be left alone in the world.


Sagittarians will find themselves surrounded by many people in 2024, but they will rethink who their true friends and trusted people are. The very sociable Sagittarius will have long periods of solitude and self-reflection . He won’t be able to avoid them. That’s karma.


Doing what you think you should do will no longer be the Capricorn lifestyle . 2024 confronts him with his true desires , against any social, work or family mandate. The North Node in Aries will guide the decisions of the Capricorn natives.


Karma for Aquarius comes in its rawest form. This sign, who said that he did not need love to live, will meet people who will teach him that, through supportive, generous and affectionate bonds , it is possible to achieve the improved world that they want.


Pisceans will have to face a part of their personality that remained hidden: the tendency towards order and the optimal administration of resources , and new ways of generating income. The karmic path of Pisces will cost you a lot , but it will bring you great fruits.

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