What does it mean to kiss you on the forehead?

What does it mean to kiss you on the forehead?

What does a kiss on the forehead mean? It is true that actions speak louder than words and these 5 types of kisses (including the forehead kiss) can say much more than you think.

 Romantic, protective and even suggestive, kisses can come in multiple forms and variations! But no matter what they are, none of them is a coincidence, because each one has a special meaning that could reveal much more than you imagine, especially the most innocent ones, like kissing the forehead, even the hand ! We list some of the most popular ones! How many of them have you received?


One of the most special kisses that exist, as it is a great example of tenderness, protection and interest. So if you frequently receive one of these kisses, consider yourself very lucky because you have someone who cares deeply about you and with whom you have come to form a very close bond.

Each kiss has a lot to say, but the meaning of a kiss on the forehead is the ultimate manifestation of love.

Without a doubt one of the most gallant kisses that exist as it reminds us of the seducers of yesteryear.

 Nowadays, a kiss of this type not only symbolizes chivalry and respect, it also represents great attraction towards the person who receives it and in the case of established couples, it can reflect great admiration and deep love.

This kiss hides a gruesome secret, because although it reflects that the person in question is extremely interested in you and your well-being, it could also mean that it is someone who is invaded by jealousy because he is afraid of you going out. of their life.

This kiss means pure love and protection as if giving you a hug, not for nothing is it commonly known as an angel kiss! It is one of the most common ways to delicately wake up those we love and a great way to show sincere affection. If you want to know more about the relationship you have, have your partner look at your eyes and other parts of the body.

An extremely naughty, provocative kiss with a strong erotic insinuation that denotes seduction and desire. Since it is considered one of the most romantic and vibrant kisses there is. 

To do this you only need your partner to use his tongue on your earlobe and gently pull it up and down. And if they include a small, soft bite… The sexy effect increases threefold!

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