Robbie Williams worries his fans with his recent weight loss

Robbie Williams worries his fans with his recent weight loss

Singer Robbie Williams has never been afraid to post photos on Instagram that other celebrities would never allow to see the light of day. He doesn’t care about appearing in underwear, naked or showing signs of baldness that he has not been able to stop even with the most expensive treatments; If he manages to make his fans smile, he has been worth it.

Ahead of the launch of his new documentary for Netflix, the former Take That member decided to get a spray tan, and of course, his wife Ayda Field couldn’t resist taking a photo of him inside the plastic tent, with a hat on. and a rather unworthy posture.

On this occasion, what has caught the attention of his followers has not been his lack of sense of ridicule, but his physical appearance. Over the years, Robbie has experienced many weight gains and losses, related to his drug addiction and junk food consumption, and he himself admits that he has suffered from every eating disorder imaginable at one time or another. of their life.

A few days ago, he also revealed in an interview with The Times newspaper that he had lost about ten kilos thanks to the consumption of Ozempic. This drug is the latest miraculous weight loss method sweeping Hollywood, and its consumption for non-medical purposes has reached such a point that there have been supply problems. This was especially dangerous for people who need it as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, and caused a lot of controversy months ago.

In Robbie’s case, it is unclear if he uses Ozempic solely for weight loss. “It’s like a Christmas miracle. And I need it, on a medical level. I have been diagnosed with a case of type 2 self-hatred. It is terribly catastrophic for my mental health to be older,” he said in his last interview. But when it comes to Robbie, it’s hard to know if he’s serious, joking, or if there’s a grain of truth to his statements.

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