What’s your favorite alternative to a PPT presentation?

What’s your favorite alternative to a PPT presentation?

What’s your favorite alternative to a PPT presentation?

30m PowerPoint decks are created every day.

Here are 8 dynamic alternatives for your next presentation. ⤵

Why does it matter?

The average business person spends up to 2 working days per week on creating or listening to presentations.

That’s a costly problem: Slides can kill productivity, invite lazy thinking, and can lead to a disengaged workforce.

Many, many years ago, we outlawed PowerPoint presentations at Amazon. And it’s probably the smartest thing we ever did.” – Jeff Bezos

So here are 8 alternatives to Death by Powerpoint:

1 – Write a memo
At Amazon, meetings start with each attendee silently reading a six-page, narratively-structured memo.
The result: clearer thinking, better decisions.

2 – Show a Video
Today videos are easy to produce with your phone and AI tools.
The result: more creativity, higher engagement.

3 – Introduce Ignite Talks
Five minutes, 20 slides, auto-advancing every 15 seconds.
The result: More concise and impactful presentations.

4 – Tell a Story
With the right frameworks, we can develop a story way faster than creating a deck.
The result: People are 20 times more likely to remember facts embedded in a story.

5 – Hold an Interactive Workshop
Involve the audience and let them develop solutions in break-out groups.
The result: Instead of being passive listeners, they are highly engaged and take ownership.

6 – Give a Live Demonstration
Showcase your product or idea. Let others try it.
The result: The multi-sensory experience hammers home your point.

7 – Do a Role-Play
How will customers, investors or employees react? Find out in a role-playing exercise.
The result: More fun, new insights, less prep time.

8 – Delivery a TED Talk
Present your idea in a TED Talk style presentation, focusing on storytelling and engagement.
The result: You deliver a powerful message in a memorable way.

🗣 What’s your favorite alternative to a ppt presentation?

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