The Secret Expenses Men Keep: A Study on Financial Infidelity

The Secret Expenses Men Keep: A Study on Financial Infidelity

Men constantly hide some expenses. A study conducted by Novel Research found that almost two-thirds of Europeans under the age of 40 who are in a relationship spent at least once, in the last year, money without their partner’s knowledge.

And, even if it seems hard to believe – given the fact that women give in much more easily to shopping temptations – men are the most likely to do such a thing. 60% of men answered affirmatively to the question “have you spent money without your partner’s knowledge in the last year?”. And only 50% were women who declared themselves financially unfaithful.

The expenses made in secret also have a common point: both men and women say that in most cases they bought different gifts – 24%. The men admit that they spent money without their partner’s knowledge on alcohol and cigarettes, electronics and household appliances, going out and gambling or video games. While women were more inclined to cheat financially to buy cosmetics, clothing, shoes and baby things.

Although almost 85% of couples combine their monthly incomes, when it comes to “secret” expenses, the reason indicated by the majority is that they were insignificant.

This study highlights the importance of open and honest communication in a relationship, especially when it comes to finances. It’s important to set clear boundaries and establish trust in order to avoid any financial infidelity. It’s also important to remember that even small expenses add up and can have a big impact on your finances in the long run.

It’s important to have a clear understanding of what constitutes as a “secret expense” and to have a conversation about it. It’s also important to have a shared financial goal and to work together to achieve it.

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