The Perfect Engagement Ring: A Guide to Choosing the Right One

The Perfect Engagement Ring: A Guide to Choosing the Right One

The Perfect Engagement Ring: A Guide to Choosing the Right One

For most men, choosing an engagement ring turns into a real challenge. With one or more diamonds, in yellow, pink or white gold, sophisticated or classic, the jewel that the partner will receive must be tailored exactly to her tastes. Since everyone is unique, here is some information that could be useful if you are looking for the perfect engagement ring!

Types of engagement rings

Solitaire, the classic, minimalist model, is the type of ring that enjoys the intense sparkle of a single diamond. In general, it has the Brilliant cut. If she is a sophisticated woman, at the same time elegant, you will be able to choose an engagement ring in a minimalist style, in a classic shape, made of white or yellow gold and on which a single diamond reigns.

The ring with three diamonds, each one adorning the mount of diamond engagement rings with a special meaning – past, present and future. These models were specially designed for those who want to continue to benefit from the fine character of the classic engagement ring, but at the same time they are not satisfied with a single brilliant in the jewel mount.

The diamond belt with its intense sparkles will irrevocably conquer any heart. The engagement ring that has a diamond belt on its entire surface will enhance any kind of wedding ring.

Royal style engagement rings are in great demand and remain in the top of the preferences of celebrities from abroad.

As for the stone, choose the diamond as the piece of resistance of the engagement ring. Reflect your love for HER in the magical reflections of the precious stone.

Ring size

You can find the perfect engagement ring size by borrowing one of your partner’s favorite rings. Take it to a jeweler who will check its size. However, you must be sure that the ring chosen from her jewelry box is worn on the ring finger, not on another finger.

In addition, you should know that a ring encrusted with diamonds on the sides will not be able to undergo changes, if the jewel does not suit the wearer.

Another trick is to measure the diameter of a ring with a ruler. This means that only the inside of the jewel will be measured, less its rail.

The four C’s

Before buying the engagement ring, you must learn about the four C’s, qualities that practically define any engagement ring. It is about color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

Diamond jewelry must be accompanied by a certificate attesting to the authenticity of the precious stones, as well as a presentation of its qualities., an online store specialized in jewelry, can be an example and a recommendation in this regard.

Carats are strictly related to the weight of the diamonds, not their size. When choosing the appropriate carat weight, the size of the wearer’s finger, the size of the mount and last but not least, how much everyone is willing to invest in this precious stone is taken into account.

When we talk about clarity, we mean those imperfections that occur naturally in diamonds. There are specific names assigned to these imperfections, such as spots or inclusions. The most desirable stones are those with the fewest

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